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Hi, I'm Kanav Jain.

Who are you?
Right now I'm working on building a startup in the oncology space. More on that soon...

I spent 3.5 years at Doximity, and while I was there I led the development and launch of Doximity Dialer, which is a first-of-its-kind mobile app that gives clinicians the power to dial out using an office caller ID. It's been used to make over 20 million calls to patients and has become the company’s flagship consumer product. Doximity’s unified search engine for healthcare was a pet project that turned into a core business KPI within a year, and is now the company’s #2 touted feature.

What's your sweet spot?
I know the ins and outs of healthcare & life sciences — I've published NASA-funded research on the RNA-based origins of life, advised hundreds of hospitals on physician quality reporting, studied circulating tumor cells in lung cancer at MSKCC, worked on reducing infection rates in surgery sites at Emory, and helped turn a decision model into an app for diabetes medication management (now a startup).

I build products whose success is driven by how delightful they are to end-users, rather than just relying on fancy dinners and annual conferences to win & renew business. I enjoy building the picks & shovels for tech-enabled services: simple workflow tools, search engines, prioritization/personalization models, and multimodal communication. Multi-sided platforms and marketplaces with high LTV/CAC are my bread and butter.

What do you care about?
Products and tech-enabled delivery models that profitably increase access for people marginalized by costs, geography, and ability.

In the workplace and in life, I love creating transformative environments where people can feel like themselves and be empowered to take greater risks.

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