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Hi, I'm Kanav Jain.

I turned down a scholarship to med school to build technology products for healthcare providers and their patients. Now, I want to help founders do it better than I could.

In my second year of the MBA at NYU Stern, specializing in Finance and EntrepreneurshipInvesting in early-stage tech as an MBA Associate with Red Sea VenturesInvesting in student founders with Rough Draft VenturesHelping things at InSITE run smoothly as its Chief of StaffTeaching VC101 to MBA1s and 1-Year Tech MBA students as VP of the Stern Private Equity ClubEnriching the startup scene at NYU as VP Community for the Entrepreneurship and Startup Association
Before this, I led mobile products at Doximity. I've done time at Epic, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Emory University, and Georgia Tech.